Morocco representative office


South & West Asia and Europe Division


West Asia and Europe Department:

    It is mainly responsible for South Asia, West Asia,parts of North Africa and parts of Europe region market development, sales and after-sales service networks in respect of planning, organization and implementation.

    West Asia and Europe Department has seven overseas representative offices: namely, Iran,Saudi Arabia,UAE,Sri Lanka,Egypt,Morocco,and Algeria representative office. The responsible regions of each representative office are as follows:

1. Iran representative office: Iran, Armenia

2. Saudi Arabia representative office: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, Iraq

3. UAE representative office: UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Yemen, Israel

4. Sri Lanka representative office: India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,Pakistan,Nepal,Maldives,Bhutan

5. Egypt representative office: Egypt, Libya, Sultan and Eritrea

6. Morocco representative office: Morocco and the 28 countries of the EU such as Ireland

7. Algeria representative office: Algeria, Tunisia


General representative

Liu Qingsheng


+86 531 58062969


+86 13806406969


+86 531 58062969





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Morocco representative office

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Chief representative

Liu Chengdong

Responsible region

Morocco, Ireland and other 28 countries of the European Union

Domestic tel

+86 15866789461

Overseas tel