Inauguration of SINOTRUK High-tech Building

2019/05/08 09:54
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Inauguration of SINOTRUK High-tech Building

  On August 16, the inauguration ceremony of Sinotruk High-tech Building (the Building) was held at Sinotruk. Ma Chunji, chairman of Sinotruk (Hong Kong) presided over the ceremony and announced the inauguration of the Building.

  Located at east to Shunhuanan Road and south to Longaobei Road in the High-tech Zone of Jinan, covering a floor area of 400 mu and a total building area of 438,000 sq.m, the Building is a part of the Sinotruk Technology Center Project, or the national heavy truck engineering and technology research center project. The first phase of the project includes a high-tech building, an auto show room and eight testing workshops and some media supply station buildings covering an area of 195,000 sq.m, and the second phase of the project includes two mix-use buildings and seven auto testing workshops. With address at No. 777, Hua’ao Road, High-tech Zone of Jinan, covering a total building area of 108,000 sq.m, including 60,000 sq.m above the ground and 48,000 sq.m under the ground, the Building is the core building in the High-tech Zone with 36 floors above the ground and a height of 173.75 m.

  At the ceremony, Cai Dong, president of Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Limited delivered an important speech. He said that the development history of Sinotruk represents the great development history of China’s heavy truck industry. August 16, 2015, a day connecting the past and future will be recorded in the history; the moment that Sinotruk is standing on a higher development platform to create greater achievements will be remembered forever.

  Cai Dong noted that heavy truck market had experienced an extreme complex and severe situation and faced great challenge of increasingly harsh competition since early this year. The production and sales volume of heavy truck industry dropped 31.13% year-on-year in the first half of this year. In response to the severe market situation, we are focused on the campaign of “the Year of Brand, Quality and Efficiency” to maintain a stable and smooth development by adhering to scientific outlook on development and bringing into full play the competitive strength of the company based on our own resources. From January to June, 2015, the market share of heavy trucks increased by 2.08%.

Top management team members check the availability of the office facilities

  Cai Dong encouraged all the departments of the company to push forward all the tasks by igniting enthusiasm and improving efficiency and management skills at the time of relocation. All the divisions at the headquarters shall be all out in their job with fresh look, full passion, keen aspiration and moderate and pragmatic ethos, and work hard to build a knowledge-based, high efficient, innovative and harmonious office vibe with high standards and requirements to raise the profile and fame of Sinotruk as a world-class company of top management, performance and reputation. He also advised them to avail themselves of the chance of business expansion to further improve and upgrade Sinotruk and make greater achievements in invigorating the national auto industry of China with joint efforts, wisdom and responsibilities.

Fireworks in front of the Building at 8:00 pm in the evening

Fireworks in front of the Building at 8:00 pm in the evening

  At 8:00 pm in the evening, all the participants at the ceremony and the audience watched fireworks in front of the Building, signifying the beginning of prosperous and brilliant future of Sinotruk.

  By Wang Xueshi