C7H-Special Model-Cement Mixer 8*4


C7H-Special Model-Cement Mixer 8*4

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Heavy Duty Trucks
Vehicle type:
Special Purpose Vehicle
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It is a new generation high-end heavy truck derived from the MAN assembly with excellent engine force and stability, rendering the mixed and transported concrete in a highly coherent texture, which can be unloaded rapidly with low residue. It highly fuel-efficient, making it highly profitable.

Technical Parameters

Mass Parameter Curb Weight(kg) 15880
Fully-Loaded Mass(kg) 31000
Towable Mass(kg)  
Dimensions Overall Dimensions Length(mm) 10735
Width(mm) 2496
Height(mm) 2496
Wheel Base(mm) 1950+3225+1350
Minimum Ground Clearance(mm) 314
Performance Parameters Maximum Speed(km/h) 78
Economic Speed(km/h) 50~70
Maximum Gradability(%) ≥40
Minimum Turning Diameter(m) 21.5

Vehicle Disposition 

Engine Model MC11.40-40,MC11.44-40
Net Power(kw)/Rotating Speed(r/min) 294/1900,324/1900
Maximum Torque(Nm)/Rotating Speed(r/min) 1900/1000~1400,2100/1000~1400
Gearbox ZF16S
Clutch(mm) 430
Rear Axle Type AC16
Rear Axle Gear Ratio 4.77
Oil Tank(L) 400
Chassis Cross Section(mm) 300×85×(8+8)
Suspension (Frontal & Rear Springs) 4/4/-,4/4/5,11/11/12
Tires 11.00-20,11.00R20,12.00-20 16PR,12.00R20 16PR