News - Delivery | SINOTRUK Nigeria Joint Venture

Delivery | SINOTRUK Nigeria Joint Venture


Recently, the delivery ceremony of 200 tractors of SINOTRUK Nigeria joint venture and the launching ceremony of model customer were successfully held, in the presence of the customer's general manager and fleet manager and the heads of Dangote Group and joint venture.

Delivery | SINOTRUK Nigeria Joint Venture

At the ceremony site, the heads of Dangote Group and joint venture gave the new vehicle keys and delivery gifts to the customer, and announced the official launch of the model customer activity. The joint venture decided to give the model customer more discounts on accessories, after-sales maintenance and other aspects.

SINOTRUK Nigeria joint venture, also known as Dangote SINOTRUK West Africa Ltd., is a joint venture created by SINOTRUK and Dangote Group, one of Africa's leading companies. With an annual assembly capacity of 10,000 vehicles, the joint venture is the only commercial vehicle assembly company in Nigeria with full CKD production capacity, and has a well-established sales and service network across Nigeria to provide local customers with high-quality products and services.

"Dangote SINOTRUK West Africa Ltd. is producing vehicles here to enable more Nigerian people have the opportunity to use the assured products. We believe in the quality of SINOTRUK. HOWO trucks are strong, safe, and reliable! When the vehicles were delivered, SINOTRUK staff gave a careful and detailed explanation of the vehicles and carried out relevant training. We experienced the perfect market service. SINOTRUK are really Always moving, Always earning! We are planning to purchase additional trucks in the coming year 2023, and will still choose SINOTRUK trucks," said Mr. Lewis, General Manager of the customer.