Our products satiate all working conditions ranging from light duty to heavy duty, from long-distance to short-distance transportation, which meet various demands for construction, municipal facilities, refrigeration, fire control and etc.
Global presence
Nowadays, more than 2,000,000 SINOTRUK commercial vehicles are working in over 110 countries and regions. While using our products, users are also enjoying the increasingly-developed global service and sales networks of SINOTRUK.
The world is now intensifying the campaign of reducing GHG emissions. Most countries have promised their carbon neutrality target and deadlines. China has also announced her plan of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. These years, SINOTRUK is making R&D and innovations of clean energy technology. In May 2017, China’s first hydrogen fuel terminal truck tractor was trial manufactured and put into test operation in SINOTRUK. Up to date, SINOTRUK has completed the trial production of sample vehicles for hydrogen fuel terminal truck tractor and urban distribution truck. At the same time, it has launched HOWO T5G pure-electric sanitation vehicle chassis, HOWO light truck pure electric van and other products.
Intelligent and networked vehicles represent the trend of the automobile industry. SINOTRUK has been making every effort to facilitate intelligent trucks. In 2018, the world's first Level unmanned BEV truck manufactured by SINOTRUK was put into trial operation in Tianjin Port; in 2020, 25 unmanned BEV container trucks carried out the world’s first whole-ship operation in Tianjin Port. In the mining area with poor working conditions, HOWO mine truck makes possible the operation of unmanned vehicles in the mining area, thanks to the support of radar set, camera and vehicle-mounted high-precision integrated navigation system.