People oriented
With people oriented, cab safety is constantly upgraded; lane departure warning and collision prevention; ergonomics, seat sleeper and noise reduction
The cab design has always been committed to personnel safety. The body strength meets the collision test requirements of Swedish regulations. The cab moves backward as a whole and the steering column is deformed to absorb collision energy.
High-strength cab body
People oriented design:
The instrument panel, electric doors and windows and rear-view mirrors are easy to operate. The steering wheel and seats with various angles can be adjusted. Every detail is made to make you feel more comfortable.
Air shock absorbing seat:
The seats that can be adjusted freely in nine directions plus the four-point air suspension damping device make driving more comfortable.
Extra wide sleeper:
Lying on the sleeper up to 900m wide makes you feel like lying on the bed at home.
Electronic brake control system+

When the vehicle deviates from the current driving lane, the system will automatically alarm to remind the driver to keep driving in the current lane and effectively eliminate driver fatigue.
It judges the potential collision risk by sensing and calculating the distance between the vehicle and the front vehicle during driving, and immediately issues a warning to prevent collision.
360-degree panoramic view and four-angle super image display