A Start-up with a decade Efforts


In April, 2022, staff from the Algeria Office made a field research to the gas station, who happened to see a HOWO-A7 4x2 tractor. From that time, we got to hear the exciting start-up story about these two pals, Kahil and Bourfdila.

Kahil and Boufdila are two self-employed truck drivers in Algeria. The two cooperative partners, jointly purchased a HOWO-A7 in 2013, since when began their ten-year transportation career with HOWO-A7. 

They undertook various transportation contracts in Algeria, plying along the Expressway from east to west and on the streets within the country. With HOWO A7, they’ve seen the blue sea and sky of Annaba, experienced the vastness of the Sahara, and witnessed the towering mountains of the Taylor Atlas Mountain. The various road conditions also bring great challenges for the vehicle. Thanks to its higher reliability, this HOWO-A7 secured higher attendance efficiency. The customer keeps thumbing up and spoke highly of HOWO A7.

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With the help of HOWO-A7, they have built wealth in ten years. Now they have owned a fleet made up of three trucks. They also hope to beef up their fleet in the post-epidemic era, and set up their own transportation company and most importantly, they will put HOWO brand as the first choice.