A HOWO Heavy Truck, with 12 Glorious Years of Working, Booming at Young Age


HOWO, a brand deeply rooted in the hearts of Nepalese customers, shows its charm all the time. Featured by great strength, pulling ability, robustness, duration and fewer faults, it receives unanimous positive comments from the Chinese enterprises operating in Nepal.

As a mountainous one in the rank of least-developed countries in the world, Nepal has many mountainous roads with poor road conditions covered by gravels. Thus, a vehicle with stable quality and strong power is indispensable for Chinese enterprises to complete the project on time and receive the payment. HOWO heavy trucks never disappoint their owners.

Heavy Truck

Heavy Truck Heavy Truck

Road conditions for the project

When visiting the project site of Chinese enterprises, our staff in Nepal found a HOWO mixer truck manufactured in 2010. This mixer truck was taken by the Chinese enterprise to the hydropower construction project in Nepal. Though having been used for 12 years, it is in wonderful state. The staff carefully guide the customer how to properly maintain and repair it. It is believed that, thanks to the care of the customer service team, the machine will continue to work well as a new one. 

Heavy Truck

According to the customer, HOWO heavy truck is comfortable to drive, strong horsepower, thick chassis, easy to climb with full load, and wonderful performance in bad road conditions. Due to the excellent performance of HOWO, the customer purchased another 27 HOWO heavy trucks.

Heavy Truck

Good reputation of a product is accumulated little by little through exceptional quality. HOWO brand has won the favor of customers and market share by relying on its own quality, thus becoming the best choice for every Chinese enterprise.