HOWO All-wheel-drive Tractor Drives into Saudi Arabia Oilfields


Though the Middle East region has mammoth reserves of crude oil, it is difficult to transport oil drilling and production equipment in the vast desert areas. Disassembling and transporting equipment is time-consuming and inefficient. However, whole-equipment transport needs large vehicles. In the past, the Chinese vehicle brands were not seen in the field because of the technical limitations. But this situation was terminated in 2016 when SINOTRUK HOWO special oilfield vehicles were delivered to users.

Our client is one of the largest companies in the field in Saudi Arabia, whose business scope includes oil and gas infrastructure and manufacturing, etc. In 2016, the client purchased more than 70 HOWO special oilfield vehicles in one order. 

In the 6+ years of operation, HOWO special oilfield vehicles have made wonderful performance to complete the tasks. The client said, “HOWO vehicles have excellent and reliable performance, sufficient power, strong passing ability in the desert and high attendance. We are very satisfied!”

Nowadays, these HOWO oilfield all-wheel-drive tractors are still operating in the desert oilfields. 

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