HOWO Heavy-duty Trucks Are Trustworthy


It is said to be the last stopping place of Noah's Ark, here in Armenia.

Ninety percent of the entire territory of Armenia is more than 1,000 meters above sea level, with an average of 1,800 meters, and such terrain brings about numerous mountainous roads.

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Our client, an Armenian company that mainly produces, transports and sells building materials and stones, purchased eight HOWO dump trucks from Sinotruk in 2012, mainly for transporting ores on the mountain road.


Up to now, the trucks have been under high load for 11 years despite harsh road conditions, but thanks to the excellent quality of the trucks and comprehensive after-sales service, they are in good condition. The client is very satisfied with this, considers the HOWO heavy-duty trucks trustworthy, and says they will recommend HOWO heavy-duty truck to their friends in the transport industry.