News - The 500,000th SINOTRUK vehicle for year 2020 rolled off the line!

The 500,000th SINOTRUK vehicle for year 2020 rolled off the line!


Recently, a short video entitled “one heavy truck off the assembly line in five minutes? An American films hardcore technology in the Chinese factory!” has been popular on the social network. Many people have forwarded and given likes, feeling proud of the great Chinese smart manufacturing.


In the video, the foreign MC Jack, dressed in the SINOTRUK suit, visited the production workshop and experienced the modern and intelligent production line of SINOTRUK.


He also tried to assemble the circuit of the central control board by hand, and took a test drive of SITRAK tractor. After that, he gave high praise for the efficiency and intelligence of SINOTRUK factory and looked forward to driving its vehicles again. 


The short video program, Another Perspective on China, is a multilingual short video program of the China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration. Foreign MCs appear on the screen to experience and observe the contemporary political, cultural, economic and social topics in China, introduce China to the world and create a positive international public opinion atmosphere.